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It is being increasingly acknowledged that Marine Leisure, as a specific industry sector, warrants and needs its own sector-specific specialist support and consultancy to realise its full potential. We believe that it is a sector that offers significant opportunity for growth and development involving both individual commercial operations and projects, and the public sector.

We also believe that the Marine Leisure sector has its own particular market conditions, challenges and needs – it shouldn’t be absorbed into wider, more general, industry sectors. In today’s economic and market environments, we see it as imperative that projects and initiatives are supported and determined by the very best professional expertise and experience.

We also recognize that it is becoming ever more critical, for projects to be sustainably viable, that partnerships between the private and public sectors work together to develop, fund and deliver them. To address these issues, we have brought together a comprehensive group of Marine Leisure specialists, each with their own specific expertise but all with Marine Leisure focus.

We are confident that our Key Associates, along with others who we call upon for their own individual areas of expertise, will meet your needs across a broad range of projects.

These projects would include:

Feasibility Studies

for projects ranging from large coastal developments such as marinas, water-sports centres, etc. to individual commercial operations.

Project management

from initial planning and financial packaging to implementation and delivery

Market research & studies

Public & private sector involvement in both primary and desk-top – to support or determine strategic direction for both private and public sector projects.

Economic impact studies & research

either to establish existing value or to determine projected economic benefit for proposed projects or events.

Maximising tourism benefit

that Marine Leisure projects can offer through engagement with both public and private organisations and operations.

Business development

of existing or potential sector-specific businesses: financials, marketing, NPD, growth management, access to grants, strategic direction, etc.


of either products or services including development of competitive advantage and effective communications

Routes to market & distribution networks

both nationally and internationally

Product development

of existing portfolio or innovative design, manufacture and process, taking initial concepts through to market.

Events development & management

from major Maritime festivals through national regattas to smaller local events or promotions.

Community engagement & Public Relations

for both individual projects and wider national policies and consultations.

Marine planning

Integration of commercial activity with environmental sustainability including their contribution to marine planning with both public and private sectors.

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